Symbol: $ROTO

Total Supply: 288,288,288,000,000 $ROTO

A 10% of this total supply was sent to the development and marketing wallet, while the remaining 90% was introduced as initial liquidity on PancakeSwap and frozen on Dxsale. On April 27 another liquidity freeze obtained from fees was carried out due to the sales volume during the first days. This is the new outline of Tokenomics about ROTO at the moment.

Liquidity Locked

$ROTO was launched with liquidity locked:


Unlike LP staking in farms, with its corresponding impermanent loss, Rotomoon holders will receive a proportional 5% commission on each transaction. This way, those people who keep their tokens regardless of the time of purchase are rewarded.

Donation and deflation

5% of fees are received as LP tokens which offer half of their value in BNB and the other half in ROTO. Out of this amount of ROTO a 85% is periodically burn (Deflation) and a 15% is reserved for community raffles. Within the corresponding amount of BNB, an 80% is stocked for donations and a 20% for marketing and logistics.



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