First rotomoon partnership

As you already know, a few hours ago we announced our first partnership on twitter 🔥🔥

It is a collaboration with OliveSwap, a yield farming project, in which we will be starting on July 20 14:00 UTC and for 34 days with:

  • $OLIVE pool to win $ROTO

Pool limit: 4,767,364,850,034 ROTO

Token rewards per block: 4,767,364 ROTO

Distribution duration: 1,000,000 blocks

$OLIVE address: 0x617724974218a18769020a70162165a539c07e8a

Start block: 9323900

  • Farm of the ROTO-BNB token LP to earn $OLIVE

Also,we are going to launch a marketing campaign, which will take place during the days after the collaboration begins.




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