Rotomoon is a token from Binance Smart Chain whose main purpose is to make donations to animal shelters and reward its holders. It has a total supply of 288,288,288,000,000 $ROTO. Rotomoon was launched on April 18, 2021. This fair launch was launched directly on PancakeSwap. There was no presale nor prior redistribution of tokens but a 10% allocated for marketing.

Rotomoon Smart contract applies a 10% fee on every transaction. A 5% of each transaction is being distributed among the holders and part of the remaining 5% goes for donations and burn. Our donations will be used to help the greatest possible number of shelters and therefore save as many animal lives as possible.

Autostaking: Out of this, 5% is automatically distributed to holders! This means the amount of tokens in your wallet will forever increase as people transact. This way IL is avoided altogether and in effect you get paid just by holding $ROTO


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