First rotomoon partnership

As you already know, a few hours ago we announced our first partnership on twitter 🔥🔥

It is a collaboration with OliveSwap, a yield farming project, in which we will be starting on July 20 14:00 UTC and for 34 days with:

  • $OLIVE pool to win $ROTO

Pool limit: 4,767,364,850,034 ROTO

Token rewards per block: 4,767,364 ROTO

Distribution duration: 1,000,000 blocks

$OLIVE address: 0x617724974218a18769020a70162165a539c07e8a

Start block: 9323900

  • Farm of the ROTO-BNB token LP to earn $OLIVE

Also,we are going to launch a marketing campaign, which will take place during the days after the collaboration begins.




Hey Rotomooners!

By saying that the future was in your hands, we really meant it — it ain’t no catchphrase!

As you know, few weeks ago we opened a new section in the website called governance where you are taking part in several decisions made, going a step further toward the coin’s decentralization.

This time, we’ve just created a new poll in order to choose Rotomoon’s mascot 🐶🐱🦊

Remember that through this system, the more amount of $ROTO you have in your wallet the greater your voting power will be.

⏱ Poll ends 17/06 at 23:59 CET





By donating to animal shelters, we can help them to continue saving lifes.


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Reflection resides within a class of token that rewards investors just for holding. The amount of rewards received increases over time the longer an investor holds for. Holders are also rewarded for the success of $ROTO with higher transaction volumes leading to increased fees, and rewards for distribution. We believe this mechanism provides investors with an active stake in $ROTO success!